Galactic Civilizations II: $2

Galactic Civilizations II is currently $1.99 on Impulse. That’s a crazy price for a game that can provide so much entertainment. At this point, you’ve got absolutely no excuse.

Update: Well, it seems the sale expired right around the time I discovered it. Sorry about that. On the upside, you have an excuse again!

~ by Anthony Salter on December 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Galactic Civilizations II: $2”

  1. Apart from unwillingness to install impulse.

  2. Sorry, The GCII90 coupon you entered is either invalid or has expired. Please try again.

    So it seems not anymore.

  3. Well, frumple. Sorry about that, guys.

    Sol, I have to ask…I know you have Steam; why are you unwilling to install Impulse?

  4. It reminds me of acendancy.

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