So what exactly is DaisyMoon?

DaisyMoon is a fairly complete black-box game engine produced by Oxeye Games as their internal engine. It’s a Lua-based extension of Daisy, which was their previous engine. All of Oxeye’s game-specific code for a DaisyMoon game is written in Lua.

You can view the official wiki for DaisyMoon here, and even download the latest version here. Unfortunately, the docs in the wiki are incomplete – most pages have lots of red entries, signifying that there’s no associated explanation for the at function.

Fortunately, you have four very different games with the full Lua source code avaiable: HouseGlobe, FillAuth, Because It’s Fun, Fay, and Horror Tactics.

About the only thing DaisyMoon doesn’t do is 3D, but I don’t really need that for Zeta. Hopefully between the solid engine and copious code swiping I can get Zeta up and running quickly.

And now for another twist – I’m not going to just blog this, I’m going to video blog it. Every Friday I’ll have a video up on YouTube talking about what I got done on Zeta and what I learned about DaisyMoon.

Should be fun.

~ by Anthony Salter on January 25, 2010.

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  1. I was looking into DaisyMoon as a potential prototyping engine two weeks ago, for the same reason – my current prototyping setup stinks, and there are no good SDL bindings for Lua, and I didn’t want to write my own.

    I look forward to your video blogs, and hopefully that will be a quicker way to learn stuff than from non-existing wiki pages and a handful of examples. Thanks for doing this!

  2. Enno: re:lua bindings to sdl – have you checked out Löve? http://love2d.org

    I haven’t tried it myself, but some folks have at least done some ld48 entries with it, so I guess it’s capable =)

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