I’m not doing anything cool, but my friends are.

First, the incomparable Jari Komppa has an article in the April 2010 issue of Game Developer Magazine detailing how he went about porting a DOS game – Remedy’s classic Death Rally – to Windows. No DOSBox, a straight code port. Very interesting to see how things have changed and how some things worked his way and some didn’t.

Oh, and if you’re just interested in a free game, you can download the new Death Rally for free at Remedy’s website.

Meanwhile, back at The Ranch, the even more incomparable Fat Man is gearing up to start offering classes in music composition for games at all levels of expertise. If you’ve got ANY interest in composing music for games (or for composing music at all) then even one session with him could be an incredible boost to your career.

As for me…still making Elemental, which is cool, but I can’t talk about it. Which is poopy. And Elemental is taking up so much of my time that I just don’t feel like coding anything else when I get home. I’m sure this will change though.

~ by Anthony Salter on April 14, 2010.

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  1. “And Elemental is taking up so much of my time that I just don’t feel like coding anything else when I get home.”

    I feel the same way, only replace “Elemental” with “Star Wars: The Old Republic” and “coding” with “designing/writing.”

    Maybe this is what happens when you work at the job making games you really like. When you go home, you have nothing left for your own things? I still want to work on my own things. I just don’t have the energy these days.

  2. @Dave: One of the reasons why I try to do “cool stuff” at home is so I have something to talk to people about. I mean, stuff that’s not under NDA. Which kind of made the death rally project strange, as it was under NDA. =)

  3. Interesting article indeed! Thanks for the tip and the other articles were good reading as well.

  4. Thanks so much for pointing out the revamped version of Death Rally. I had no idea I had been re-released late last year. I played the game in my childhood and I really liked it, but that was just the freeware version! So of course I went to play this one right away and finished it in one go (well actually 3 separate sessions, but it felt like one go :)) Jari Komppa, thanks a bunch for your effort!

  5. I have the exact opposite problem. The work and code I do all day at school is so soul sucking and boring that when I get home I don’t want to even do fun work.

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