Preview of Coming Attractions

Here’s a screenshot of the current version of Inaria (click to expand).

And here’s the opening them to Inaria, courtesy of H. Arnold Jones:


~ by Anthony Salter on March 30, 2011.

9 Responses to “Preview of Coming Attractions”

  1. Great track! Has nice retro feeling in it.

  2. Yes, I’m pretty sure the music is going to be the best part of this game by far.

  3. Hey, thanks guys. =)

    I hope you really like the other tracks, too!

  4. The beginning of that song stirs up nostalgia for some sort. I like it.

  5. That song forms 100% of my RDA of retro song goodness! <3

  6. Love it =)

  7. I like the music too.

    looking forward to the Beta!

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