There’s a party. You’re invited.

Slight change of plans (again) – Inaria is going to get a public beta starting this Saturday and running for one week. Everyone who reads this blog is invited to participate! If you want to try it out, please email me at with the subject “Inaria Beta Test”. On Saturday I’ll send you directions for downloading the game and submitting bugs. Feel free to also make any other suggestions you wish.

So yes, I’m missing my date, but for a good reason, and if you’re reading this you’re going to get to play the game anyway so…why you complainin’?

Also, is there anyone out there who could cut together a short (1:00 – 1:30) trailer of this game for me? I’ve tried but a) I don’t have the tools (I’m not willing to pirate After Effects) and b) I don’t have the skill. A price can be negotiated.

~ by Anthony Salter on March 30, 2011.

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    This is a really simple screen cap and editing program. It might work for your video and is probably a lot less complicated than After Effects (which you can also get a free trial for).

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