I Knew It…

One of the reasons I was kind of avoiding porting Planitia to Unity is because I knew how long it would take.

Or rather, how short it would take.

This represents about a week’s worth of work total, and that includes spending a lot of time learning the system. You can use the WASD cluster to move around. It’s got terrain picking, animated units (one hundred of them, in fact), the basic GUI and the procedurally-generated minimap going. At this rate it’ll take about a month to do what it took me five years to do the first time.

~ by Anthony Salter on December 12, 2012.

3 Responses to “I Knew It…”

  1. Looks great and ran fine on my machine (AMD 6000 Athlon, 4 GB ram, nvidia gtx 460, win7, chrome and firefox).

    How’d you do the procedurally generated mini-map? Is that something you wrote or built into unity?

  2. I wrote it myself, and it works almost exactly like the DirectX version does – I made an empty texture of the right size and wrote pixel data into it based on the height of the terrain at regular points. (Most minimap tutorials for Unity will tell you to just put another orthographic camera over the entire scene…I think that’s both ugly and inefficient.)

  3. Unity port looks good! Seems that makers of the Unity got something right with their engine.

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