Name That Game 94: Hiro Protagonist

Video games can have some…unusual protagonists. All media have their weird main characters, but video gaming can seem to get weirder than most.

Below are ten video game protagonists (which are directly controlled by the player) that are not ageless-faceless-gender-neutral-culturally-ambiguous-adventure-persons or physically idealized men or women. Can you name them and the games they came from? CAN YOU?!

1. A selfish young man who has been turned into a cockroach.

2. A tiny young prince.

3. A green anthropomorphized rabbit with a big gun.

4. A cute, humanoid…um thing that apparently uses telekinesis to move his hands and feet, since he has no arms and legs.

5. A wisecracking gecko.

6. A hapless Japanese office worker with a combover who just wants to get home in time for his mother’s birthday.

7. An innocent-looking cherub.

8. A black blob of…something sticky and dense, with yellow eyes.

9. An adorable, naive robot.

10. A little white guy wearing a…red hat with a yellow tassel.

8 thoughts on “Name That Game 94: Hiro Protagonist

  1. Thaliak: All correct!

    Irwin: I was aware that #9 had multiple correct answers and Machinarium is one of them, so correct! Although not the game I originally thought of.

  2. 1. Bad Mojo
    2. Katamari Damacy
    3. Jazz Jackrabbit
    4. Rayman
    5. Gex
    7. Messiah
    8. Gish
    9. Machinarium, or perhaps Chibi Robo?
    10. Fez

    I have a feeling I’ve heard of #6. I’m thinking it’s a game where the protagonist needs to escape disastrous events. Might have been for PS2? Or it’s something completely different.

  3. Actually though, do you consider googling cheating in these? I usually try to do them without any googling, but I’m guessing you try to design the questions so that they’re hard to google, so maybe it’s not a problem?

  4. In the end, this is all for fun, but I would prefer that if you have to google it that you not spoil it in the comments. All of yours are correct! Kind of. Like I said, there are multiple answers for #9 and so far no one has come up with the game I had in mind when I wrote that entry.

    Really surprised you came up with the correct #7, I could think of a couple other games that might fit the bill.

  5. I think it’s been long enough. The final list!

    1. Bad Mojo
    2. Katamari Damashii
    3. Jazz Jackrabbit
    4. Rayman
    5. Gex
    6. Incredible Crisis
    7. Messiah
    8. Gish
    9. I was originally thinking of Mr. Robot, but Mechinarium and Chibi Robo both also fit.
    10. Fez

    Thanks for playing!

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