Name That Game 96: Pure Poetry

Of course, as soon as I post the last entry I have an idea for a Name That Game! Behold! Hints in haiku for your perusal!

i read your passport
please face the scanner because
you don’t look female

a big, epic quest
ruined by bad RNGS
and dumb time limits

they scream “assassin”
but when I save the empress
I don’t harm a soul

my gun shoots lightning
and sets bandits on fire
ooh! a purple shield!

a robot hero
fights through a cold asteroid
to stop endless war

only turn-based game
where you’ll hear the players say
“halflings are OP”

don’t get too attached
to your soldiers; aliens
will hit even with low scores

Good luck!

7 thoughts on “Name That Game 96: Pure Poetry

  1. Softlicious: Incorrect, sorry.

    Alien JD: I knew someone would guess Fallout 1 because it did have an annoying time limit, but that didn’t ruin the game, so your Number 2 guess is incorrect. All the others are right, though!

  2. dang…I thought Fallout 1 might be a trap because everyone I know but one guy loves that game (the hater’s two complaints were the time limit and the rngs that would occasionally let you die to a single bite from a rat).

    I’ll make a final guess: Game 2: Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask.

  3. Sorry, still not right. I’ll go ahead and put you out of your misery – it’s Daggerfall. The randomly generated dungeon routines were busted and so it was possible to get a quest to fetch something that could not be completed. And if you went off exploring and didn’t talk to the proper questgivers within a certain limit you LOST THE MAIN PLOT without ever knowing it.

  4. Okay, time for the answers:

    1. Papers, Please

    2. Daggerfall (RNG could make dungeons that couldn’t be fully explored, and time limits could cut you off from the main quest with no warning)

    3. Dishonored

    4. Borderlands (1 or 2)

    5. Hero Core

    6. Master of Magic (Halflings had 8 figures per unit instead of six, getting two extra attacks per turn. They also had the Lucky trait, adding to both their hit chance and block chance. They also get a bonus to magic buffs. Halfling slingers were considered the most powerful mundane unit in the game.)

    7. X-COM (or XCOM, both are the same way)

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