Name That Game 97: Remembering the Unrememberable

Video game characters are often shallow, 2D, cardboard cutouts. And sometimes they have names to match. Video games somehow get away with giving their characters names that would be laughed out of the literary or cinema realms. Probably because video games don’t have editors.

The worst part is when a character endures and is finally given a decent backstory and gets a fan base…because now you’ve got a cool character attached to a cruddy name (I’m looking straight at you, Solid Snake).

So here are eight of the worst video game chracter names I’ve ever seen. They’re either generic, unassuming, rote, trite, hackneyed, overly macho or just completely inappropriate. Can you name the games they are from? And remember – when you cheat, you only cheat yourself.

1. Blake Stone

2. Cutter Slade

3. Edge Maverick

4. B.J. Blazkowicz

5. Sol Badguy

6. John Dalton

7. Lo Wang

8. Royd Clive

Bonus: Chet Awesomelaser

Good luck! If you win, I’ll put you in my game and I promise I won’t use the Random Character Name Generator to name you!

4 thoughts on “Name That Game 97: Remembering the Unrememberable

  1. 5. Guilty Gear
    7. Shadow Warrior (You no mess with Lo Wang).
    I love the Shadow Warrior games. The new one was my favorite game of 2013 (not that 2013 was a great year for gaming…).

  2. Alien JD: Correct!

    This one doesn’t seem to be setting people’s imaginations on fire (kind of appropriate, given the subject matter I chose) so here’s the complete list.

    1. Blake Stone, Aliens of Gold

    2. Outcast (proving that even great games can have terrible protagonist names)

    3. Star Ocean: The Last Hope

    4. Wolfenstein 3D/Return to Castle Wolfenstein

    5. Guilty Gear

    6. Unreal II: The Awakening

    7. Shadow Warrior

    8. Front Mission

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