Name That Game! 99: In the Original Klingon

A lot of times games get retitled for foreign markets. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes it’s hilarious.

Here are seven games created in Japan and very popular in English-speaking markets. I’ve given you the literal translation of their Japanese names; can you tell me what the English name is? (Just to be clear, these are all console games and several of them are NES games.)

1. It’s a Wonderful World

2. Turnabout Trials

3. Devil’s Castle Dracula


5. Downtown Hot-Blooded Story

6. Myth of Light: Mirror of Palutena

7. Beast King Chronicles

Good luck! If you win, I’ll give you a free copy of my game, Deeds Of Minor People As They Battle Against Gods.

5 thoughts on “Name That Game! 99: In the Original Klingon

  1. Well, this is what I get for moving the blog again – no takers.

    The list:

    1. The World Ends With You

    2. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

    3. Castlevania

    4. Fatal Frame

    5. River City Ransom (this one was my favorite)

    6. Kid Icarus

    7. Altered Beast

  2. I only knew 3 and 7. They’re the only ones on this list that I’ve played. I’d have been impressed if anyone got these. Actually, my buddy Noel might have. He’s crazy about the Japanese versions of just about anything.

  3. This might not be the right place to ask but I had a question about game development. I read your articles at your old blog on getting started and your background in gamedev and had a question about math. What do you recommend for learning the math needed for 2D games (for an old dude who hasn’t had a maths class in 20 years)? It seems like a subject that is often ignored in getting started guides. Thanks and if this is a bad place to ask I apologize.

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