Best Articles

These are the articles on this blog that I feel are exceptional and deserve a bit more exposure than being buried in the archives. Let’s go through them by category…


My Story, Part 1 – Yes, I’m this much of an egomaniac. If you want to learn about the burgeoning career of a game programmer, this is where to start.

My Story, Part 2 – Okay, now, this is just excessive. This reminds me of those books by Isaac Asimov that were nothing but commentaries on his other books. This article includes the infamous Gizmondo story and was quoted by a Gamasutra article about that company.

Cheese…Of…Destiny! – All my friends went to GenCon 2000 and all they got me was this stupid cheesehead.

Game Development

Getting Started in Game Programming – Pretty self-descriptive. It still saddens me to see how much effort it takes for a person to become proficient in modern game development; especially compared to how quickly you could get sprites moving across the screen on a Commodore 64. But it’s because modern games are much more capable than those of the ol’ C-64 and have many more options. So it’s a grind that must be done if you really want it, and this article will tell you what shall be grinding on. Think of it as a guide to gaining reputation with the “Game Developers” faction. Personally I’m still working on getting that epic mount, though.

Practical Direct3D Programming – I’ve extolled the virtue of Frank Luna’s book, Planitia probaby wouldn’t be what it is without it. But I also learned a lot on my own, as this article details.

PIX – PIX is an excellent tool for debugging Direct3D applications. Every graphics programmer should be proficient with it, and a lot of programmers don’t even know it exists! This article covers the basics of using PIX.

Game Design and Philosophy

“Ben There, Dan That!” And the Supremacy of Community – Why community is a vital aspect of game development.

Game History

An Evening with Marc LeBlanc – This was the first presentation by Warren Spector that I attended. He interviewed Marc LeBlanc of Looking Glass Studios and Mind Control Software fame.

An Evening with Mike Morhaime – In this presentation, Warren Spector interviewed Mike Morhaime, one of the head honchos of Blizzard. Find out exactly how popular Starcraft is in Korea and why it was so darn hard to actually log in to World of Warcraft the first year.

An Evening with Richard Garriott – And in this one Warren interviews Richard Garriott, legendary RPG designer and owner of a Reality Distortion Field.