Inaria Original

The Original Inaria

Inaria started as a dare.

Back in May of 2005, I read an excellent article about Jay Barnson (also known as the Rampant Coyote). He challenged himself to write a game in just 40 working hours. He used a language called PyGame and came up with a very respectable game at the end. I wanted to write mine in C++ and make mine a bit more “classical”. The original version of Inaria was the result.

Differences between the original and the commercial versions of Inaria:

  • It only runs in a window.
  • It has no sound or music.
  • It has completely broken RPG mechanics, making it useless to level anything but strength.
  • It only has four spells and no other special abilities.
  • Each NPC has only one line to say and the storyline is very thin.

But I still hold a fondness in my heart for it, and so it’s still available here.

Read a more in-depth article on the development of Inaria.

Download the original Inaria.

Download the source code for the original Inaria.

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