Okay, Break’s Over.

I’m going to try something kind of crazy tonight.

The ClanDestiny prototype needs to get done, first so it can be done, but also so I can move on to the Star Kittens prototype and get some feedback on which I should flesh out first.

So I’m going to try some livecoding. I’ve created an account on JustinTV and will be streaming my coding session tonight, live. Once I’m done, I’ll encode the thing and upload it to YouTube, but if you want to chat with me while I’m working and make suggestions you’ll need to visit my brand-spankin’-new JustinTV channel.

I should start livecoding around 8 PM EST.

Update: Um…between technical issues and family responsibilities, this didn’t happen. I’ll try again Wednesday night.

~ by Anthony Salter on September 6, 2011.

5 Responses to “Okay, Break’s Over.”

  1. Neato

  2. Live coding, sounds interesting, how do you deal with the pressure? As for suggestions I don’t know, usually it’s hard to read somebody else’s code, it gets harder if you can’t even… suggestions of a more general kind of course! I’ve never heard about live coding before. Breaks over for me too, I’ve gotta get back to my project, I still havn’t moved on from terrain generation.

    Oh, I see, you only allow yourself 40 hours to finish and you’ve done 8 so far. Is it like sprinting or something? I mean are you competing against the clock when you work? I never do that, I always got a facebook window open, and a few other distractions as well, when I work. I’ve got lousy “work ethics”, but that’s gonna change of course.

  3. Oh, my work ethic is also awful, but I’ve found that limiting myself to 40 hours really forces me to get the basic gameplay up and running before the time runs out.

    The problem, of course, is that I can take as long as I want between programming sessions without the clock ticking. That’s why I’m doing this livecoding thing, to try to get myself back on track.

  4. My coding was going strong in between semesters, but now that school has started back up I’m really struggling to find the time and motivation to program during my new available hours (which are late at night). I have to give you kudos for being able to take on these projects during your spare time at night.

  5. I wish there was some way I could force myself to start coding again, I keep putting it of. I got some other stuff to take care of though. On Saturday I’m totally free though, with nothing to do. But I hope I wont just blow of some steam then on my free time, but actually start working. It’s hard to stay motivated on a big project, but I don’t know any easier or less work ideas, all the other ideas are more work than my current project. Maybe I should just upload some let’s play videos on youtube, I don’t know why but it would be fun.

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