Planitia People (Planitiople?)

“My deadline for this is end-of-day Monday. By then I want this game up on Concepts. I’ll be blogging the process. Wish me luck.”
~cough~ It’s beginning of day Monday. Where’s the blogging? How’s your progress?

I’ve had the nose to the grindstone, pretty much. I’ve fixed several performance problems with the game and spent about a day trying to get animated 3D models into the game. That’s going to take longer than I’ve got so as a stopgap measure I had Mrs. Bogue render out frames of animation for each direction (thus making classic eight-way sprites) and I’ll be using those.

End-of-day today may be a bit premature; there are a couple things (like trees and rocks) I want to get in to make the terrain look better. But it should be very soon and I’ll be updating at least once a day.

~ by Anthony Salter on October 22, 2012.

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  1. Keep it up 🙂

    Though for something like this maybe fixing performance issues isn’t core to your goal? Cherry pick views that don’t incur performance drag and go down those rabbit holes once you’ve got it posted in Concepts. The feedback will be fuel for future progress.

    Good job bootstrapping with 8-way sprites 🙂

  2. What is your biggest challenge? For me it’s motivation, I don’t really believe in myself and therefore it’s hard to bother.

    What do you do when the 3D model changes, you would have to change the 8 way sprites as well, right? I hope it’s an automated process, there’s like 13×8 of them. And don’t you need them in several different colors as well?

    Populous was an awesome game, about time the concept got revisited in modern time, good work so far. Here’s rooting for ya! We need the 80ties back!

  3. Actually, my artist rendered them out for me. She did it in white so that I could mask the shirts to whatever color I wanted (which worked surprisingly well). Eventually I’ll figure out a way to integrate the actual 3D models; I may have to move to Unity or somesuch to do so.

    And yeah, motivation is a killer for me. It’s hard when you can’t see the end and the reward to keep going.

  4. Really? You too? I thought I was the only one who struggled with motivation. It’s a relief to learn that I’m not alone, I thought I was just so lazy. Maybe I would need someone who understands game development who would just ask me a question about how progress is going once a week, that way I would know that there’s at least one person who cares and understands.

    I thought the whole game was in 3D, why won’t the models work? Isn’t everything else in the game already in 3D? I’ve just started learning (relearning, one forgets so much) OpenGL. Are you writing your own engine or using an existing one?

    Oh, btw, speaking about motivation, Barack Obama wants you to know that: You didn’t develop Planitia, someone else made that happen. Perhaps a teacher gave you the idea, someone else helped you write the code. I can’t believe he got reelected, oh well, no Romney supporter here either. Will the serfs of Planitia ever gonna get to elect their deities, better not, that way they don’t have to share the responsibility about which direction their country is heading.

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